About Us

C.Y. Workshop understands the growing need of practical Chinese learning opportunities and provides individual and small group tutoring lessons taught by experienced professional Chinese lecturers. Our major objective is to ensure learners receive effective lessons tailored to their needs and learning aptitude while developing an appreciation of Chinese language and culture.

Why learn Chinese?

There are more than 1.4 billion Chinese speakers in the world, approximately 1/5 of the world’s population. More than 30 million people are currently learning Chinese for business, education, travel, socialization, and promotion. The Chinese language is the key to getting closer to the land of 5000 years of rich culture and history. China has also become the world’s 2nd largest economy, and opportunity awaits those who have prepared themselves. Are you ready to benefit from the Chinese culture and economy?

Why Choose One-on-One/Small Group learning?

  • Flexibility of class schedule
  • Efficiency of time spent learning
  • Effectiveness of personalized lessons
  • Maximum interaction with instructor
  • Specification of learning content

Language is not just “knowledge” like history and literature, it’s a tool. We know the way to effectively learn how to use a tool is through sufficient hands-on experience. Learners may benefit from taking knowledge courses in big lecture halls, but a mentor is needed to show and observe closely your learning steps of using a tool, and that’s how we approach Chinese teaching at C.Y. Workshop individualized classes.

While institutional classes can be inexpensive, under many circumstances it is simply not workable for learners with tight or irregular schedules. With personalized one-on-one or small group courses, learners are allowed to schedule their classes with a lot of flexibility. Most importantly, learners can deliver immediate feedback to the instructor on how and what they would like to learn and practice in the class.

Who Can Benefit from Our Courses?

  • Travelers planning to visit Chinese speaking countries.
  • Students already taking Chinese for credits but would like extra practice and help.
  • Business people wanting to do business with Chinese speaking customers.
  • Professionals (i.e. health care providers, legal advisors, etc.) who want to work with Chinese speaking community.
  • Motivated learners aiming to quickly become fluent in Chinese in order to study or live abroad.
  • Learners of any background interested in Chinese language, history, and culture!

Our Chinese language instructor has 10 years of language teaching experience in higher education contexts. Learners can take advantage of learning from a professional college language lecturer while being in an environment where you’ll be most comfortable (either at your home, office, or our cozy classroom conveniently located in central Sunnyvale).